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Salem Christian School
Impact Banquet

Salem Christian School presents Glenn Eshelman as the keynote speaker for our annual Impact Banquet. We hope you enjoy coming to the event. And, we hope that you consider supporting this vital ministry.

March 21, 2019

Featuring Glenn Eshelman, Founder of Sight & Sound

Glenn Eshelman, along with his wife Shirley, are the founders and owners of Sight & Sound Theatres located in Strasburg, Pennsylvania and Branson, Missouri.  Glenn’s story began on a dairy farm in rural LancasterCounty. 


As a young boy, Glenn painted pictures of the world around him.  He soon purchased a camera and his love of photography was born.  He was passionate about God and His creation, capturing God’s beauty on film.  As he grew older he photographed much of the US and Canada and in 1965 he began putting inspirational slide shows together from his journeys.  These slide shows became the stepping stones God used to propel Glenn and Shirley to open a small theater located just outside of Strasburg, PA.


In 1976 the Living Waters Theatre opened with multi-media shows and eventually transitioned to all live stage productions.  In 1985 the first full length live stage show, Behold the Lamb, was produced and tells the story of the life of Christ. 


In 1991 a much larger facility, The Entertainment Centre, was built to fulfill the mission of Sight & Sound which is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sow the Word of God into the lives of our customers, guests, and fellow workers by visualizing and dramatizing the scriptures.


A devastating fire in 1997 destroyed that theatre and most of the production shops.  In the midst of this, God was still in control and was not finished with the vision He had given Glenn.


In a little over one year the Millennium Theatre was built.  This theatre features a 300’ wrap around stage.  Some of the shows that have been produced and shown in this theatre are Noah, Miracle of Christmas, Daniel, In the Beginning, Joseph and Jonah.


2008 brought the addition of an identical theatre located in Branson, Missouri, allowing Sight & Sound to bring the Bible to life for many more people in various locations.


Glenn believes that the most rewarding thing in life is to discover the purpose of which God created us to be and to fulfill that purpose by glorifying God in everything we do.


Glenn & Shirley live in Strasburg, PA.  They are the parents of four daughters and have 16 grandchildren.   



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